Cikgu ZIEHA-ZAM | Wednesday, 4 November 2015
Untuk pengetahuan semua, sekolah telah menghantar video ini ke pertandingan  anjuran SEAMEO SPAFA peringkat ASEAN.

"As part of the SEAMEO 50th anniversary celebrations, SEAMEO SPAFA proposes to put together “SEAMEO Cultural Week 2015”, an online video and comment-sharing platform via Youtube. The project would consist of requesting participating schools to create video documentation of a local cultural heritage practice – dance, song, traditional craft-making, cooking a traditional dish, storytelling through drawing/painting, playing a traditional game – and would require the active participation of SEAMEO Centres and Ministries/Department of Education across the region to publicize the project and collect the videos in schools across Southeast Asia. In so doing, each participating country and school will have the opportunity to share their cultural heritage with viewers across the region and beyond."

Mohon kepada semua guru, pelajar , dan warga SMK Taman Jasmin 2 untuk smua.. LIKE video ni ya..
Video mengisahkan permainan tradisional yg semakin pupus..

Ni link die..

Jgn lupa viralkan video ni dlm group2 yg lain ya..kasi surpport video permainan tradisional Malaysia..

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